The Dangers of Being a “Good” Girl

Excellent, relevant, powerful stuff.


Imagine this: You’re at a party with a bunch of your friends. You’re a little buzzed. Eventually the music dies down and you all end up crashing at your friend’s house. You wake up the next morning and you know something’s not quite right. Something happened but you’re not ready to talk about it. You feel ashamed, you try to forget.

You don’t want to make things awkward, so you don’t say anything. You meet your friends again- he’s there, and you pretend that nothing’s wrong. This goes on for weeks, till you can’t take it anymore. You finally confess to your friends- he molested you that night after the party.

“Why did you wait so long to bring this up?”

“Didn’t he apologise? Just let it go”

“Lets not make things awkward for the group.”

“Maybe you just misunderstood.”


Why did you stay over at his house…

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